OCIUS Technology at AW18 Wargames

November 14, 2018

The AW18 Wargames started on Jervis Bay this week – a great success. Robert Dane said “‘Bruce’s’ rudder flipper really proved itself yesterday. In a 25 – 30 knot Nor-Easter, ‘Bruce’ effortlessly maintained station 500m off a lee shore for 5 hours during the VIP guest tours. With our solarsail down and simply in “wave […]

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OCIUS demonstrates ‘man portable’ USV prototype at Autonomous Warrior 18 Wargames

November 13, 2018

Ocius technology Ltd is building a new network of renewable energy powered unmanned surface vessels and today launched a ‘man-portable’ version of the Bluebottle USV. “We’ve had a number of enquiries for small self sustaining USVs that can be deployed easily from a deck or beach.” Ocius CEO Robert Dane said. “This prototype was designed […]

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OCIUS R&D Featured by Australian Department of Business

September 25, 2018

“The R&D rebate has accelerated our research and development efforts. We have to develop and design both hardware and software that work together. For the persistent ocean robot ‘Bluebottle’ design, it has allowed rapid scale model tank testing through to trials of working prototypes in the sea. For our autonomous command and control software, it […]

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R&D lab moved to new facility

September 3, 2018

In partnership with UNSW”s Computer Science Department, OCIUS’ R&D lab has moved to a new freestanding 2-storey premises on the UNSW Randwick campus. CEO Robert Dane said, “We’re continuing work with Prof Claude Sammut and the Computer Science Department – and these new premises are much improved and fit for purpose for what we want […]

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