Persistent maritime surveillance

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What is a USV?

A USV is an


There are two types:

  1. Conventional powered vessels which are uncrewed. They have limited time and range at sea and are acoustically noisy.
  2. Renewable energy powered vessels which are uncrewed. They use solar and/or wind and/or wave energy so are persistent and can stay at sea indefinitely only limited by biofouling. Bluebottles are in this category.

The Bluebottle USV

Satellites of the Sea

Autonomous data gathering and communication platforms

Bluebottle USVs have greater power, payload and performance compared to known competitors and are able to navigate freely and indefinitely across the world’s oceans. Already Ocius is working with two major private-sector partners to develop USVs capable of undertaking specific high value applications in hydrography and defence.

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Bluebottle Ocius

Key benefits of Bluebottle USVs

Bluebottle USV

  • Advance in all conditions
  • 5 knot hull speed
  • Launch from boat ramp / ship
  • 300kg modular payload
  • 50W average payload power
  • Intelligent network
  • Team behaviours
  • Human on the loop, not in the loop


  • Solar + wind + wave power
  • Ability to get out of currents
  • More payload, power and presence
  • Unique solar-sail and rudder-flipper
  • Keel winch to lower sensors to variable depths
  • 100% Australian Sovereign Capability


  • Continuous coverage
  • Wide coverage
  • Greatly reduced capital costs
  • No fuel, food or crew
  • Elimination of errors due to human fatigue
  • No people or expensive assets in harm's way

The core technology behind Ocius

Solar Sail

When deployed, the patented hard solar sail harnesses both solar and wind energy. When not desired it automatically folds snuggly into the deck of the Bluebottlelike the wing of a bird, so 100% retracted but also not taking up precious payload space within the vessel. Intelligent programming means the solar sail reacts autonomously to the sea, sun & wind conditions to ensure efficient and safe operation for all mission requirements.
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Rudder Flipper

The patented rudder-flipper steers, guides and powers the unmanned vessel generating forward thrust from the pitching of the vessel in the waves of the ocean.The bigger the sea state the stronger the forces. In seastates over Seastate 6 the solarsail automatically lowers and the rudder passively propels the vessel in the desired direction. If left in the mid position it passively turns the bow of the Bluebottle into the oncoming seas giving Bluebottles unprecedented seakeeping and survival capabilities.
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Bluebottle Ocius

Sensors and Communication

Multiple sensors are available as options underwater, inside the hull and on the aft comms mast. An Integrated and networked communication system allows live tracking.All vessels can be monitored while operating autonomously or controlled remotely, constantly sending data back to the control room.
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Keel Winch Cassette

The patented ‘keel winch’ is a cassette that displaces water ballast in the keel - so adding or changing a cassette does not interfere with the displacement or trim of the Bluebottle.The cassette can be flat packed and shipped to anywhere in the world for customers to install, commission and test their sensor or array on the winch before inserting it into the payload bay of a Bluebottle - being ready to go.
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Superior Payload,
Power & Performance

Bluebottle USV with ABFC Thaiyak off Ashmore Reef
Bluebottle USV with ABFC Thaiyak off Ashmore Reef
UAV Photo taken courtesy ABFC Thaiyak Crew

Other persistent USVs carry only small payloads, have low power for the payload and often have low performance to manoeuvre, avoid collisions and 'make way' out of currents.

Bluebottles harvest all the weather on the ocean; the sun, the wind and the waves so they can advance under all conditions and can remain at sea for months at a time.

Applications for USVs are myriad and measured in the billions of dollars. Major entities in offshore energy, defence and science are investing heavily in uncrewed systems for “dull, dirty or dangerous” operations.

The team at Ocius is focusing all of our experience, networks and love of the sea to create a revolutionary Australian technology for the world’s oceans.

Ocius Vessels

Bluey Buoy Class Vessel

Bluey Buoy Class

  • Self deploying, movable, self retrieving buoy
  • Uses solar & wave energy
  • Scalable from 1.1m/3.6’
  • 10kg/22lb lightship & 10kg/22lb payload
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Bluebottle Class Vessel

Bluebottle Class

  • Uses solar, wind & wave energy
  • Up to 6.8m/22’ in length
  • Payload up to 600kg/1320lb
  • Keel cassette winch to 200m
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Shipmate Class Vessel

Shipmate Class (Concept)

  • Loiter/stealth uses solar & wave energy
  • Pursuit uses diesel power
  • Scalable
  • Mono or multihull design
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