Autonomous Maritime Domain Awareness

Intelligent, Networked, Integrated

Power large payloads, roam widely, and stay at sea for months at a time. Ocius USVs offer economic and operational advantages over conventional methods in a multitude of industries. Utilising solar, wind and wave power, these vessels can autonomously monitor designated areas for lengths of time. The videos and links below demonstrate just some of the solutions we offer.

The core technology behind Ocius Bluebottles

Solar Sail

The patented hard solar sail harnesses both solar and wind energy. When not desired it automatically folds snuggly into the deck of the Bluebottle™ while nottaking up valuable cargo space like the wing of a bird, so 100% retracted but also not taking up precious payload space within the vessel. Intelligent programming means the solar sail reacts autonomously to the sea, sun & wind conditions to ensure efficient and safe operation for all mission requirements.
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Rudder Flipper

The patented rudder-flipper steers, guides and powers the unmanned vessel generating forward thrust from the pitching of the vessel in the waves of the ocean.The bigger the sea state the stronger the forces. In seastates over Seastate 6 the solarsail automatically lowers and the rudder passively propels the vessel in the desired direction. If left in the mid position it passively turns the bow of the Bluebottle™ into the oncoming seas giving Bluebottles™ unprecedented seakeeping and survival capabilities.
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Bluebottle Ocius

Keel Winch Cassette

The patented ‘keel winch’ is a cassette that displaces water ballast in the keel - so adding or changing a cassette does not interfere with the displacement or trim of the Bluebottle™.The cassette can be flat packed and shipped to anywhere in the world for customers to install, commission and test their sensor or array on the winch before inserting it into the payload bay of a Bluebottle™ - being ready to go.
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Sensors and Communication

Multiple sensors are available as options underwater, inside the hull and on the aft comms mast. An Integrated and networked communication system allows live tracking.All vessels can be monitored while operating autonomously or controlled remotely, constantly sending data back to the control room.
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Ocius Vessels

Bluebottle Class Vessel

BETH Class

  • Sail folds down for zero windage and Tactical Range Advantage
  • Wave power plus solar + wind
  • Keel winch for ASW
  • Launch from a boatramp
  • 30,000+ NM unescorted in Australia
  • AMSA approved
Bluebottle Ocius


  • Diesel Hybrid
  • Transit Renewable Energy
  • 30 days on station doing hydrography
  • Bathymetry to 600m
Shipmate Class Vessel

Shipmate Class

  • 3 mode USV - patent registered
  • Loiter/stealth mode: solar and wave energy
  • Hull speed mode: 6-8 knots hybrid diesel
  • Foiling speed mode: 17 -40 knots hybrid diesel
  • Scalable 2.8m - 11m
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How Ocius is changing the world

Defence Solutions


  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Mine Counter Measures
  • Gateway Communications
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Oil and Gas Solutions

Oil & Gas

  • Seabed and Pipeline Surveys
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Security
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Science Solutions


  • Weather “ground truth“
  • Current profiling
  • Climate Change
  • Hurricane Landfall Prediction
  • Fisheries
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