Oil & Gas

Seabed and Pipeline Surveys

Environment Monitoring


USVs are already being used in the Oil & Gas industry
Bluebottles can do more

Seabed & Pipeline Surveys

  • GPS mapping
  • Assist seismic survey
  • Much cheaper than crewed vessels
  • MBES and other sensors to suit job
  • Coastal waters, navigation channel hazards
  • Onboard processing for anomalies for real-time check

Environmental Monitoring

  • Hydrocarbon monitoring
  • Pipeline and leak checking
  • Marine biodiversity monitoring
  • Subsea floor sensors gateway communications
  • Pre-exploration meteorological and oceanographic data


  • Early warning against asymmetrical threats
  • Bluebottles can hear under the water and see and sense above the water
  • Patrols for environmental monitoring also provide protection of high-value assets over the horizon.

We are looking for partners to do joint venture and demonstration projects.

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