Ocius Named in 2024 Integrated Investment Program

18 April, 2024

Matthew McGill


Australia's Defence Minister the Hon Richard Marles launched the 2024 National Defence Strategy and the 2024 Integrated Investment Program in an address to the National Press Club of Australia. The Ocius' Bluebottle USV received a mention as part of the Integrated Investment Program.

Integrated Investment Program


The Department of Defence has published information regarding the National Defence Strategy and the Integrated Investment Program here See section 2.19 of the Integrated Investment Program Reference Document for mention of the Ocius Bluebottle.

  • 2.19
    • Planned investments include the development and acquisition of highly capable large and extra‑large uncrewed and autonomous underwater vehicles to undertake stealthy missions in high‑risk environments, alongside continued acquisition of Bluebottle uncrewed surface vessels to undertake persistent maritime surveillance. The dedicated undersea support vessel ADV Guidance will continue to provide support to undersea surveillance systems trials, including the ability to deploy undersea crewed and uncrewed vehicles, and robotic and autonomous systems. Enabling capabilities such as command and control systems, robotic and autonomous systems and capabilities for the collection and analysis of hydrographic data will be integrated into ADF operations.

National Press Club Address

The Hon Richard Marles full address to the National Press Club is available online.