OCIUS demonstrates ‘man portable’ USV prototype at Autonomous Warrior 18 Wargames

13 December, 2018

Kevin Chan

Ocius technology Ltd is building a new network of renewable energy powered unmanned surface vessels and today launched a ‘man-portable’ version of the Bluebottle USV.

“We’ve had a number of enquiries for small self sustaining USVs that can be deployed easily from a deck or beach.” Ocius CEO Robert Dane said. “This prototype was designed to show what is possible for a very simple small USV using only one moving part – being our patented pivoting wave oscillator.”

The man portable USV can take 9kg of payload, is easily deployable and low cost.

Production models would vary in size and will use the same intelligent autonomous Command and Control (C2) system we are using on Ocius 18′ versions.

We are looking for partners to develop payloads and apps for these sort of USVs – interested parties please contact us for more information…