Shareholder Letter August 2023

18 August, 2023

Robert Dane

Update Fri 18 August 2023

Ocius signs 12-month $2.7M Operations Contract with Royal Australian Navy (RAN)

Dear Shareholders, I am pleased to report that Ocius has signed a further $2.7M operations contract for four (4) of the five (5) BBs delivered to RAN with Warfare Innovation Branch for 12 months.

The fifth BB is under negotiations for a separate contract with another branch of RAN.

Today, there is also an in-depth article about us and our partners in the prestigious USA magazine Uncrewed Systems Technology Magazine.


Please see pages 48-56. Scroll to the right to turn the pages.

Thanks again to our Board and our shareholders for your support. There is not much that gets published relevant to Ocius, that someone doesn’t send me, so please keep it up.

As you know, the Defence Strategic Review has been released with a statement that there will be a further Surface Ship Review, of which we are now part.

We will update you with further news in September.

Robert Dane