Nemo in Aus Government Defence Industry Policy Statement

February 27, 2016

Ocius Administrator

Ocius’ work with the Australian Government is discussed in the Australian Government’s 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement. The Statement was released as part of the Government’s Defence White Paper process, and discuses the development of Nemo, our unmanned surface vehicle.

The Statement reads:

“Ocius Technology Limited (formally known as Solar Sailor) is based in Sydney and has been an innovator of renewable energy powered vessels since 1997. Ocius’ technology has been used in a number of vessels currently in operations in Australia and Asia.

Ocius specialises in the development of ocean going vessels that are powered by renewable sources of energy such as solar and/or wind. Their technology has been incorporated into a number of passenger carrying vessels and more recently, the company has focused their efforts on anti-submarine warfare and maritime surveillance.

The company received a business review with the Clean Energy Innovation Centre in 2010. Through the review, the company applied for and received a Tailored Advisory Services grant to conduct market research for opportunities in overseas markets.

The R&D Tax Incentive has also provided support to the ongoing research and development activities of Ocius.

In 2012, business advisers from the Defence Industry Innovation Centre (DIIC) began working with one of Ocius’ partners, Steber International, and in 2013 the DIIC provided Defence specific market knowledge and advice to both Steber International and Ocius through a Defence Industry Change Plan. Part of the advice included development of a strategy to pursue funding for development activities including through the Capability Technology Demonstrator (CTD) program.

In September 2015, Ocius was awarded a $3 million contract through one of Defence’s industry innovation support programs – the CTD program. The contract was to develop and demonstrate an Unmanned Surface Vessel, coupled with a thin-line towed array system uniquely suited for anti-submarine warfare surveillance.

In addition to being awarded CTD funding, Ocius recently won the award of ‘Best Advanced Manufacturing Company’ at the 2015 Australian Technology Competition. This award recognises the company’s innovative and commercial approach to business which has included taking advantage of Government programs to help drive efficiencies and pursue exports.

The DIIC is continuing to work with Ocius to improve its export readiness to pursue overseas defence opportunities in conjunction with Australian defence opportunities.” (pp. 51-52)

The full Statement can be found on the Department of Defence website here. More information on the 2016 White Paper is available here.