SolarSailor Holdings evolving into ocean technology – OCIUS

February 7, 2014

Ocius Administrator

At an EGM held on 20th Dec 2013, shareholders unanimously voted to change the name of our holding company from Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd. to OCIUS TEchnology Ltd.

We will continue to market zero emission and fuel-efficient hybrid technology for ferries as SolarSailor Engineering and Distribution and our own first 100 passenger award winning ferry on Lake Macquarie will forever be the “Solarsailor”.

However, as we are now applying our technologies to two specific ocean applications, the first being unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) where we will build, own and operate fleets of USVs selling data and the second market being our wind powered ‘opening rigid wings’ for large ships it was felt the name SolarSailor for these markets was limiting us to one particular feature of our technology.

Therefore we proposed to change the name of our head company to something more global and encompassing.

Ocius is Latin for ‘fleet’ and suggests “oceans” + “is us”. Ocius Technology is ocean technology.

The Board of Directors recommended the name change and this was unanimously passed at the EGM.

Watch this space over the next few months where we will be making further announcements and changing the website look and branding.