Since Ocius first designed and built a solar sail in 1999, our engineers have been investigating wind propulsion concepts for large commercial vessels.

We have engaged with shipping industry professionals to develop the right solution which meets the needs and technical/operating constraints of bulk carrier owners and operators.  Ocius’ patented commercial shipping technology was unveiled on 8th October 2014 at the Danish Maritime Industry Conference in Copenhagen. It’s name is “R.O.S.” , the Rigid Opening Sail. See images and animation below for more detail.

Bulk tanker closed     Bulk tanker

See the latest design animation below:

R.O.S. Design Evolution to Commercial Reality.

Our original ‘solarsail’ was and remains unique in the global maritime industry however, after consulting with one of Australia’s largest dry bulk ship operators it became apparent that a large integrated solar system was too expensive and risky to place on board commercial vessels of 1000 dwt and above.

The result: an evolution of the commercial sail design into something simple but perfectly suited to the layout and conditions on board a bulk carrier. That is, flat, hinged & collapsible steel sails affixed to the deck between the main hatches, powered by simple, affordable hydraulic motors.

The design is patented across multiple jurisdictions and being supplemented by several new detailed applications

We are reaching out to forward-thinking industry partners to share the commercial benefits of this game changing and strikingly simple efficiency technology.

Please contact Ocius’ Director of Commercial Shipping Solutions, William Greene for more information: [email protected]

Key Design Feaures & Advantages


✓ Changes ‘camber’ to wind

✓ Sails on both sides

✓ Doubles sail area = halves number of sails


✓ No interference with cargo handling, crew can walk on

✓ Safety and stability in storm – green water on deck

✓ Minimal penetrations of deck (mechanism in upper hopper tank)

✓ No penetrations of cargo space

✓ Visibility in harbour *


✓ Steel – easy to build

✓ No extra crew required

✓ Software proven on commercial ferries

✓ $0.5M per sail delivers return on investment of just one to two years