Anti-Submarine Warfare

Mine Counter Measures

Electronic Warfare

Gateway Communications

  • Silent
  • Active & passive arrays
  • 'Reel in keel' winch 
  • Depth via speed & winch
  • 50W average / kW bursts
  • Speed to resolve L-R ambiguity
  • Network & collaborate with other Bluebottles & other assets
Electronic Warfare
  • 6m mast above sea level
  • Communications and Radar 
  • Electronic Support Measures (ESM) platform
  • Combine with other sensors
  • Network 
Gateway Communications
  • 6m mast above sea level
  • Cross-domain communications and data exchange system
  • Combine with other sensors
  • Network 
Multiple sensors
  • More power, payload and performance
  • Allows multiple sensors on the same platform 
  • Network with other Bluebottles and assets 
Mine Counter Measures
  • Manage fleets of underwater assets 
  • Remain safely in proximity while exchanging high-volume data
  • Intelligent path planning and manoeuvring systems
  • Intrinsic low-observability 
  • Entirely silent when not communicating
  • 5-6 m aft communications mast
  • 2 per 20' shipping container 
  • LARS from boat ramp or jetty/deck crane

Persistent USVs are being seen as strategic in Defence as force multipliers 

Bluebottles have more power payload and performance 

making them the superior persistent USV for defence