Ocius Technology Limited, formerly known as Solar Sailor Holdings Limited with its 100% owned subsidiaries (collectively known as “Ocius” or the “Company”) is a marine technology provider at the forefront of the development of renewable energy propulsion and automated systems.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Sydney, the Company is widely recognized in the international marine transportation industry for its combination of innovation and practical experience with a range of contracts and awards testifying to its achievements.

The Company’s technologies are focused on three areas:

  • Unmanned surface vessels (USVs) for monitoring and data transmission
  • Commercial ferries
  • Commercial shipping

With successful experience including its first ferry in Sydney Harbour in 2000 and subsequent successful contracts, Ocius has demonstrated its capacity to design, build, commission and sell technology leading energy solutions into the marine industry.

The Company has identified the most valuable and immediate business opportunity as the quickly growing market of USVs and in 2016 is focusing on becoming a leader in this market.