Ocius hybrid/electric biodiesel drives offer high power, zero emissions solution for medium size vessels

Hybrid power is efficient

  1. Acceleration and deceleration of the vessel is done by high torque electric motors not by an internal combustion engine.
  2. When the generators run – they alway operate at a single optimum speed.
  3. The electric motor gives direct drive without a gearbox.
  4. All “house-loads” including lights, fridges, air-conditioning, intelligent systems etc are run off the batteries meaning no auxiliary generators.

Fuel Savings

The best internal combustion engine with multiple moving parts, heat, noise and vibration has a theoretical maximum efficiency of 40% – getting the energy out of the fuel. The optimum efficiency is obtained when the internal combustion engine is run constantly at its optimum revs (such as in the case of the internal combustion engine generators on a series hybrid solar sailor). The efficiency of an internal combustion engine drops significantly when accelerating and decelerating or operating outside its optimum speed such as with a conventional ferry emitting the unburnt fuel as pollution.

 A hybrid/electric biodiesel ferry would use 50% less biodiesel than a conventional ferry running on biodiesel, thereby reducing fuel costs and emissions and offering zero emissions at the wharf, thereby countering the problem of the increased “noxs” from biodiesel.

See examples of Ocius ferries using hybrid drives here and contact us for more information