Inaugural Sail on Sydney Harbour

April 21, 2015

Blue Nemo had a successful sail on Sydney Harbour last week with blue skies and some steady winds. Picture above shows Ocius 2.8m USV on part tack in light-moderate winds on Sydney Harbour.   The vessel was able to put through its paces in all its modes of power from sailing across the harbour to […]

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PRESS RELEASE 1st Feb 2014

February 27, 2014

BlueBottles–new solar, wind and wave powered autonomous drones that ‘live’ at sea. Ocius Technology Limited, formerly known as award winning marine technology company SolarSailor, is working with the University of Wollongong to build a series of new types of Unmanned Surface Vessel(USV) called “BlueBottles”. Robert Dane CEO of OCIUS said: “Conventional methods for data collection […]

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SolarSailor patents new opening rigid wing

November 15, 2013

SolarSailor is actively looking for a global partner to trial one sail on one designated ship for one year.   ADVANTAGES Simple – made of steel built at ship yard for low cap cost compared to competitors which are complicated, use exotic materials and expensive Can change sail area and camber for different angles to […]

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Research paper links diesel particulates with lung cancer

July 23, 2013

An article published recently in The Lancet Oncology shows that exposure to the particulate matter in diesel fumes and other air pollution increases the risk of lung cancer. The full article is available for free and there are some highlight passages below: Even in the well known companion textbook for medical doctors, air pollution is […]

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