January 8, 2012


Hybrid Marine Power™ combines electric motors and combustion engines

SolarSailor HMP

Like a hybrid car, Hybrid Marine Power combines the efficiency and torque of electric motors with the power and range of internal combustion engines. In a marine environment, there is abundant renewable energy from the sun and wind which SolarSailor uses to provide:

  1. Fuel and financial savings
  2. Environmental savings
  3. Functional redundancy
  4. ‘Zero emission mode’

SolarSailor’s HMP™ has:

  • Demonstrated ability in real world vessels
  • Fully marine authority approved
  • Flexibility to run electric systems from main diesel engines, generators, batteries, solar and/or wind power
  • Professional software to control and service
  • Includes, commissioning and warranty
  • 24 hour support

SolarSailor designs both ‘series hybrid’ (all-electric drive with generators and solar supplying electricity to the batteries) and ‘parallel hybrid’ (internal combustion engines and electric motors can drive the propeller).

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