PRESS RELEASE 1st Feb 2014

February 27, 2014


BlueBottles–new solar, wind and wave powered autonomous drones that ‘live’ at sea.

  • Ocius Technology Limited, formerly known as award winning marine technology company SolarSailor, is working with the University of Wollongong to build a series of new types of Unmanned Surface Vessel(USV) called “BlueBottles”.
  • Robert Dane CEO of OCIUS said:

Conventional methods for data collection such as ships, buoys, air surveillance and satellites have limitations to give 24/7/365 coverage on, in and below the water –but it is possible now to do it in a new way – using USVs.”

  • Autonomous USV technologies are in their infancy. Bluebottles have between two and twenty five times more speed, power, payload and data rates compared to any other autonomous USVs In the marketplace.
  • Robert Dane CEO of OCIUS said:
    “The oceans are the Earth’s lungs. They make oxygen and absorb CO2. They cover 70% of our planet, provide vital transport routes and drive weather, temperature and climate – ultimately supporting all life.”
  • The globaldemandfor data is directly proportional to all the information and intelligence gathering requiredby authorities for border protection,security, oceanography, defence, hydrography, fisheries and oil and gas.
  • The market for USVs for the defence industry alone is estimated to be US$3.8 Billion over the next 7 years[1]. Characteristics identified in the USV defence market are endurance, payload, coverage and low capital cost. Such a USV is described as ‘disruptive’. Bluebottles have these characteristics.
  • Like their namesake,Bluebottles ‘live’ at sea usingenergyavailable at sea.
  • Bluebottles have a low cost/byte data compared to conventional methods and current USV drones.
  • Bluebottlesare self-deploying and self-retrieving -requiring no anchors/chains or ships.
  • BlueBottlescan roam widely or stay on station for months to years.
  • Bluebottles require no fuel, no crew and no supplies.
  • Bluebottles can provide a large stable platform for sensors and payloads for above and below surface monitoring and surveillance, and communications linking subsea monitors and vessels, surface vessels, aerial vehicles and satellites.

  • Bluebottles can work in a network and play simultaneous roles reducing costs even further.
  • Bluebottles are planned by Ocius to be mass-produced in Australia.

Australia’s Ocius is at the forefront in this new multi billion-dollarworldwide industry.